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If you plan for a year-plant a Seeds, If you plan for ten years-plant the Tress and if you plan for hundreed years "Teach the People"

We are the youth-led organization and Empowering Local Youth to be a young change maker through the work that do in Timor Leste, please explore more our work through this website and our social media for furhter information about how and what we stand for;

Investing on us today is essential for the peaceful development and growth of the country.

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Vocational Training

The new global education goal, SDG 4 which is at the heart of the Education 2030 Agenda, calls for “inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.  Realising this goal is critical to achieving all our global development targets – for strong societies depend on well-educated citizens and a well-trained workforce. But we can only realize this agenda if we invest in youth, supporting, and empowering the citizens. ACF’s Vocational Training Centres in Dili, Maliana and Suai provided practical job-skills training and work experience placements to increase the interest of lifelong learning and improve the employment outcomes of disadvantaged youth.

ACF has been working with unemployed youth in Dili from a variety of backgrounds for over five years. The Suai and Maliana Vocational Training Centre opened with its first round of courses in March 2013-2015.

In the last two years alone 1,076 students have been enrolled in courses in Dili. ACF promotes female participation in training by giving them priority in placements. This system has been very effective at the Dili Vocational Training Centre, where 75% of course participants are female. About 674 youth have been placed in jobs after completing on-the-job training since 2010, with the majority gaining employment afterwards.

ACF's course offerings include:

- Basic & Pre-Intermediate English

- Basic Portuguese

- Public Management Training (Administration, Finance, Leadership, IT and an internship)

- Information Technology & Communications (IT&C; Software, Hardware and Networking)

- Graphic Design

This project is continuing until 2018 while looking for the new potential donors right now.


Sport for Development & Peace

ACF promotes peaceful communities and non-violent expression through sports. Sport gives young people an opportunity for healthy, natural self-expression, builds self-confidence, relieves tension, facilitates social interaction and integration and teaches the spirit of solidarity and fair play.

ACF has run its Sport for Peace projects for over five years in partnership with Peace and Sport (Monaco based), Peace Funds Timor Leste, UNICEF - TL, the Secretariat of State for Youth and Sport and youth centres in the districts of Dili, Bobonaro, Covalima and Ermera from 2010-2015. It offers structured sports training and competitions twice a week to children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods where the project runs with the aims to unite children and youth, building peace through sport, involving them in the sport for changing behaviour, basic leadership skills and etc.

The program had more than 2000 beneficiaries where mostly marginalized children and youth in the district as mentioned above, they were predominantly girls and young women. They are now better educated about discipline, respect, tolerance and self-confidence and also understand the value of sports.

ACF using the following Sports for Development and Peace:

- Football for Peace

- Badminton for Peace

- Ping Pong for Peace

- Athletics for Peace

- GAME for Peace (Organized once a month basis to invite children and youth from different neighborhod where the project runs and link the project with Community Sport that organized by the District Administrators in four districts)

This project is continuing until 2018 while looking for the new potential donors right now.




Timor-Leste Marathon Project

In 2013 ACF is trialling a new project, the Timor-Leste Marathon Project. Two groups of young women will train three times a week for three months with the goal of running 10-20km of the Dili Marathon, which will be held in June. They will also receive weekly Wellbeing Education sessions about physical and mental preparation for training, and about maintaining health and well-being during the project.

The young women will learn a variety of physical skills associated with running, will become mentally stronger with the discipline required for regular training, and will benefit from enhanced physical and mental health that is associated with regular exercise. The education sessions will benefit the participants professionally with knowledge relating to marathon training, but will also benefit them personally as young women living with the challenges of a post-conflict society.

If the pilot is successful ACF will look to expand this project and support it on an ongoing basis. With more preparation time the running goal will be increased to the full 42km marathon. This could be the start of something big: closing the gender gap in Timor-Leste; giving life-changing opportunities to youth from vulnerable backgrounds; promoting inspiring role models for young Timorese women; and perhaps even putting Timor on the map for long-distance running.


Public Library & Internet Cafe

ACF’s Dili Vocational Training Centre is equipped with a small public library and an internet cafe. Internet and word processing facilities are offered at a cheap rate, and the income goes towards ACF’s operational expenses. The library is free to the public and includes text books, story books and readers in English, Portuguese and Tetun.

ACF offers these facilities so that local youth and training centre students can learn about the world, improve their literacy, learn new languages, develop an interest in reading, practice using computers and use social media to interact with people from other places.



Seedling and Plant Trees for Climate Change Adaptation

Action for Change partners with Global Environmental Facility (GEF) implemented the Climate Change Adaptation through Seedling and Plant Trees (Mahogani, Teak, Candlenut, Oranges, Jackruits, Coconut and etc) in Covalima district. in 2015 ACF produced 6,000 tree seeds and distributed to the local community to plant at the places that identified as sensitive to the natural disaster in Municipal of Covalima with the aims to mitigate the impact of natural disaster as well as to protect flora and fauna. Besides, teaching the local youth participate at the project implementation where involving disadvantaged men and women including students also involved in the Green School Program.


PLANNING FOR 2016-2018;


1. Climate Change Adaptation;

ACF is continueing look for potential partners to continue the project in Liquica, Bobonaro and Covalima with the following activities:

a. Build the Nursery for Seedling the Trees (Mahogani, Teak, Candlenut, Oranges, Jag Fruits, Coconut and etc) 

b. Provided the Training for LOCAL MARGINALIZED YOUTH on how to (Seedling, Fertilizing, Maintaining and Planting) 

c. Organizing the local youth for voluntarily planting the trees in the identified places accross three districts mentioned with the aims to prevent disaster, land degradation, maintain green forestry, water conservation, protect flora & fauna, maintain the rural economic grouth and youth empowerment.

d. Advocacy work to raise public awarenes to protect land, forestry, influence policy makers and cultural functions support (Tara Bandu).

e. Doing other related task that reflected to the project goals as required.


2. Animals Husbandry;

ACF is currently looking for the potential partners to support the following activities in the districts of Bobonaro and Covalima:

a. Create, Train and Support to the youth groups in two districts for Animals Husbandry such as (Pig and Local Chicken) and orient them to the market afterwards.

b. Train the youth groups on (Inovative Small Business Management, Financial Literacy, Promotions and Access Market Orientation) and support their entrepreneurship initiatives for self-employment creations in the rural areas from 2016-2018.